Spinalator Style ATT 300

The ATT-300 Spinalator Style Table is specially designed for intersegmental traction, spinal mobilization and back massage.  Three large aluminum rotating rollers travel back and forth under a thick padded lounge top, kneading the muscles in the neck, shoulders and low back.

The ATT 300 Spinalator Style table is an excellent pre-treatment prior to more intense therapy as it will relax and loosen the muscles.

Standard Features include: Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation:  Travel indicator: Automatic lowering device: Adjustable massage pressure: Vibration LED roller height indicator: 30 minute timer: Cervical and knee pillows: Naugahyde vinyl upholstery. Available Options: Reverse side controls Therapy top with face slot: 25″ wide top: Specifications: Height: 25″ Width: 22″ Length: 72″: Weight: 220 lbs Load Limit: 400 lbs. Warranty: 1 year parts only. Labor not included. Made in the U.S.A.

Choice of Custom Colors